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The New Orleans Procore Community was established for the express purpose of uniting those with a shared dedication to the betterment of the construction industry.

The point of this group isn't to merely chat, but to find practical solutions to actual issues, and to honor those who are making an effort to find those solutions (that's you!).

We don't give a hoot if you're using Procore or not! We hope you can make it to one (or more) of our meetings.

Innovation and excellence in construction, not just Procore, is the focus here.

To whom does this pertain? Anyone hoping to see progress in the building industry. Owner or architect, general contractor or subcontractor, building enthusiast or student, all are welcome. We envision a New Orleans community of people interested in sharing and prioritizing construction coordination.

Here are some more specifics about the group's operation:

Each gathering will focus on a particular question, such as "What are the most significant pains you experience in the field?" or "What analytics do you care about?" or "How do we limit mistakes in the construction process?"

In each meeting, we'll try to solve at least one of these problems; we won't always succeed, but we'll get better at handling the challenges we face.

If a company can provide a workable answer, we can arrange a visit to their headquarters so that the team can observe the solution in action.

We host events for regional users of Procore to network with one another. Once a quarter, we get together to talk about what's new in the construction business, see live product demos, learn from Procore and Partner Presenters, and exchange insights and ideas with one another.

We encourage everyone interested in Procore, whether they are currently using the platform or not, to join us at one of our Community Meetings. Everyone, including yourself, has something to teach the group.

Want to keep the momentum going? Join the New Orleans Community Group and connect with other construction industry pros in the Procore Community today!

Past events

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New Orleans Procore Community Holiday Meet and Greet

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New Orleans City-Wide Procore Training

In-Person Meeting

New Orleans City-Wide Procore Training


Carson Rapose

Innovation Manager
City of New Orleans

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