Coffee Chats Episode 2: Forecasting

Jun 20, 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Join us for our second episode of a new series of events we'll be rolling out - Coffee Chats! We will feature construction experts, fellow community members, thought leaders, & more in-conversation with the Procorian behind the product. It's a great opportunity to deep dive into new topics, familiar ones, and understand Procore better.


About this event

Join us for Episode 2 of Coffee Chats featuring Marissa Cameron (Senior Project Coordinator, HUEBER-BREUER) our NY State Procore Community Chapter Lead & Robert Bray, Principal Product Manager here at Procore. 

Marissa is going talk about using the budget for the monthly cost to complete forecasting process. Robert will have an opportunity to talk about the product, why certain features were designed as they were, as well as product roadmap details on future implementations we're looking at for the tool. 


  • Robert Bray


    Principal Product Manager


  • Marissa Cameron

    Hueber Breuer

    Senior Project Coordinator

Community Leaders

  • Allison van Dorsten


    Customer Marketing Specialist

  • Tess Brown-Morris


    Community Engagement Manager


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