Nashville Innovation Community Group "Perfect" Series: Daily Log

Jun 20, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Innovator! After the success of our solutions round table, we decided to keep it going and start our "Perfect" series, where we discuss what the ideal use is for certain tools in procore. First up: the Daily Log. Come join us and bring your best uses and add-ons for the Daily Log. It's not all about PM here in Nashville; the field needs some love too.


About this event

In this series, we address the question of what the most effective use of particular technologies in Procore would be. To begin, let's talk about the Daily Log. Come be a part of us and provide the add-ons and uses that you find most useful for the Daily Log. At this point in time, it is not only about PM in Nashville; the field also needs some attention.

There will be a unique event that will take place at The Wedge Wedge Pizza & Pub, where we will be able to get a drink and talk about topics of interest.



Thursday, June 20, 2024
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM UTC


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Daily Log Discussion
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Community Leader

  • Bryce Barnes

    Hardaway Construction Company

    Assistant Project Manager

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