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Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Building Excellence Community exists to bring together anyone interested in advancing the world of construction together. The goal of this group is not just to talk, but to solve real problems - and to celebrate the people that are working to solve those problems (that’s you!).

Whether you’re using Procore or not, we don’t care! We’d love to have you join one or many of our sessions.

It’s not about Procore, it’s about Building Excellence.

Who is this geared towards? Anyone who has interest in advancing the world of construction:

What we care about is creating a Community of people who care about how construction comes together.

Some more details on how the group works:

- We’ll host specific topics for each meeting such as “What are the most significant pains you experience in the field?”, “What analytics do you care about?”, “How do we limit mistakes in the construction process?”

- Our goal is to come out of each meeting with a solution to one of these problems - there may not always be a solution, but our discussions will help each of us navigate the issues we face each day.

If a business has a solution, we can plan to schedule a site visit to shine a spotlight on their success and allow the group to learn that best practice.

Please come join us at our next session!

Upcoming events

Jun 22, 2023

Virtual Meeting

Atlanta Building Excellence Community - Virtual Chapter Kickoff

Come join us for the first ever session for the Atlanta Building Excellence Community. If you're in the Atlanta area and interested in learning and sharing methods that make construction projects more seamless in terms of execution, please join! We'll share best tech and tactics we are all implementing and share new ideas that we should try out.


James Norris

Vice President - ClearEdge3D